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Campus Life


At Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College, we believe that a vibrant and engaging campus life is an integral part of the holistic development of our students. Our campus offers a dynamic environment where academic, cultural, and recreational activities come together to create a thriving community. Here's a glimpse into what campus life is like:

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Academic Excellence

Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in state-of-the-art classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and a faculty dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. The rigorous academic curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the medical field while fostering a passion for lifelong learning.

Student Life

Student Organizations and Clubs

Explore and engage with a variety of student-led organizations and clubs that cater to diverse interests. Whether you're interested in medical research, community service, cultural activities, or sports, there's a club for you. These platforms provide opportunities to enhance leadership skills, teamwork, and social responsibility.

Outdoor Event

Cultural and Annual Events

Participate in and celebrate the rich cultural diversity on our campus through a myriad of events and festivals. Our annual cultural fest is a highlight, bringing together students, faculty, and staff for a showcase of talent, creativity, and cultural exchange.


Sports and Recreation

Maintain a healthy balance between academics and physical well-being through our sports facilities. The campus offers spaces for various sports, promoting an active lifestyle and fostering a spirit of sportsmanship. Regular sports events and competitions add a competitive yet enjoyable dimension to campus life.


Community Outreach

At Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College, we emphasize the importance of giving back to the community. Engage in various community outreach programs and medical camps that provide valuable hands-on experience while making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.



We highly recommend that students actively participate in the diverse opportunities available on campus. Engaging in extracurricular activities not only enhances personal and professional development but also creates lasting memories and friendships. Take advantage of the vibrant campus life to create a well-rounded and enriching college experience.

At Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College, campus life goes beyond the classrooms, creating an environment where students thrive academically, socially, and personally. Welcome to a community that values growth, inclusivity, and the pursuit of excellence.

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