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Experience superior anaesthesia care at Dr B R Ambedkar Hospital. Our Anaesthesiology Department ensures safe, pain-free surgeries with a patient-centric approach. Led by skilled faculty, we provide comprehensive anaesthetic services, including general, regional, paediatric, and obstetric anaesthesia. Discover excellence in anaesthesiology for optimal surgical outcomes and patient comfort.

Welcome to the Department of Anaesthesiology at Dr B R Ambedkar Hospital, a crucial hub where the art and science of anaesthesia converge to ensure safe and effective patient care. Anaesthesia is integral to modern medicine, enabling painless medical procedures and surgeries, making it an indispensable component of healthcare.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Dr B R Ambedkar Hospital, our Anaesthesiology Department is committed to upholding the highest standards of patient safety, comfort, and positive outcomes. As a patient-centric department, we play a vital role in collaborating with various medical specialties to deliver comprehensive anaesthesia services.


Comprehensive Anaesthesia Services:

General Anaesthesia: We provide general anaesthesia for a wide range of surgical procedures, ensuring patients are completely unconscious and pain-free during surgery.

Regional Anaesthesia: Our experts excel in regional anaesthetic techniques, including spinal and epidural anaesthesia, providing targeted pain relief for specific areas of the body.

Paediatric Anaesthesia: We specialize in administering anaesthesia to children, ensuring their safety and comfort during various paediatric surgical procedures.

Obstetric Anaesthesia: Our team is well-versed in managing anaesthesia for expectant mothers, ensuring a smooth and painless delivery experience.

Education and Training:

Undergraduate Education: We provide foundational education to medical students, offering a comprehensive understanding of anaesthetic principles and practices.

Postgraduate Training: Our postgraduate training programs are designed to groom anaesthesiologists with advanced knowledge and skills in various subspecialties.

Research Opportunities: We encourage and facilitate research initiatives, allowing our team and residents to contribute to advancements in anaesthesiology.

Qualified and Experienced Team:

Teaching Faculty: Our department boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified teaching faculty dedicated to imparting knowledge, skills, and ethical practices.

Resident Training: Residents undergo rigorous training, acquiring hands-on experience in diverse clinical scenarios. They are mentored to handle complex cases and emergencies with confidence.

Advanced Technology and Infrastructure:

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with modern anaesthesia workstations, monitoring devices, and cutting-edge technology, our department ensures the highest standards of patient care.

Operating Theatres: Our operation theatres are designed to accommodate various surgical specialties, providing a conducive environment for seamless anaesthesia administration.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Preoperative Assessment: We conduct thorough preoperative assessments, ensuring personalized anaesthetic plans tailored to each patient's unique health profile.

Pain Management: Our commitment extends beyond surgery to postoperative pain management, ensuring patients experience optimal comfort during the recovery phase.

Explore the World of Anaesthesiology:

Whether you are a prospective patient seeking reassurance or a medical professional aiming to enhance your skills, we invite you to explore the world of anaesthesiology at Dr B R Ambedkar Hospital. With a focus on excellence, education, and patient-centric care, our Anaesthesiology Department stands as a beacon of safety, compassion, and innovation in healthcare.

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