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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Discover Renewed Confidence: Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, where we specialize in the functional, structural, and aesthetic restoration of the human body. Our dedicated team of surgeons focuses on addressing a diverse range of issues caused by illness, trauma, or birth disorders, offering comprehensive solutions to restore both function and appearance.

Why Choose Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital?

Holistic Restoration:

Plastic surgery goes beyond aesthetics; it involves the restoration and improvement of both function and appearance. Whether addressing skin issues, congenital malformations, or traumatic injuries, our surgeons are committed to holistic patient care.

Versatility in Procedures:

Our department covers a wide array of procedures, from addressing skin cancer, scars, burns, birthmarks, to reshaping facial bones and correcting congenital malformations such as cleft palate and cleft lip.

Reconstructive Focus:

Reconstructive surgery is a key aspect of our practice, addressing abnormalities caused by injury, infection, developmental issues, congenital anomalies, diseases, or tumors.

Compassionate Care:

We understand the impact that physical appearance can have on one's confidence and well-being. Our surgeons approach each case with compassion, ensuring personalized and empathetic care.

Innovation and Expertise:

Keeping abreast of the latest advancements in plastic surgery, our team combines innovation with expertise to provide cutting-edge solutions for our patients.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Every patient is unique, and so are their needs. Our patient-centric approach involves thorough consultations, personalized treatment plans, and dedicated post-operative care to ensure optimal outcomes.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Care:

Collaboration with other departments ensures a multidisciplinary approach to complex cases, delivering comprehensive care for our patients.

Discover the transformative possibilities of plastic and reconstructive surgery. At the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are dedicated to enhancing both the form and function, empowering individuals to embrace life with renewed confidence.

Message from our Leadership Team

Sri. Mahadev Prasad

Managing Trustee

Dr. Ramesh B R

Vice Principal (Medical College)

Sri. RadhaKrishna


Dr A. G. Mahendrakar

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rani Sujatha

Medical Director

Dr. Muralimohan N.T


Dr. B S Ramesh

Principal (Medical College)

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