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Department of Cardiology


Welcome to the Department of Cardiology at Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital!

Cardiology, a vital medical subspecialty, is dedicated to the comprehensive care of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Our department focuses on prevention, diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation, ensuring the well-being of individuals with conditions affecting the heart and circulatory system.

Key Services:

ECG (Electrocardiogram):

Our department provides Electrocardiogram services, a fundamental diagnostic tool that records the electrical activity of the heart. ECGs are crucial for identifying various heart conditions and irregularities.

2D ECHO (Echocardiography):

We offer 2D Echocardiography services, a non-invasive imaging technique that provides detailed insights into the structure and function of the heart. This diagnostic tool aids in assessing cardiac health and identifying abnormalities.

TMT (Treadmill Test):

The Treadmill Test is available, allowing for the evaluation of heart function and the detection of any abnormalities during physical stress. This test is valuable in diagnosing cardiovascular conditions.

24/7 Laboratory for Investigations:

Our department ensures round-the-clock access to a state-of-the-art laboratory for comprehensive investigations. This facilitates timely and accurate diagnostics, contributing to effective patient care.

At Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital, the Department of Cardiology is committed to delivering high-quality cardiovascular care. Our services are designed to cater to diverse diagnostic needs, promoting early detection and effective management of heart-related conditions. Join us in prioritizing heart health and ensuring a healthier future for all.

Message from our Leadership Team

Sri. Mahadev Prasad

Managing Trustee

Dr. Ramesh B R

Vice Principal (Medical College)

Sri. RadhaKrishna


Dr A. G. Mahendrakar

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rani Sujatha

Medical Director

Dr. Muralimohan N.T


Dr. B S Ramesh

Principal (Medical College)

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