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Department of Pathology


Welcome to the Department of Pathology at Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College & Hospital, where we unravel the complexities of diseases, with a focus on structural abnormalities produced by various health conditions. Our department encompasses a range of subtypes, including anatomical pathology, histopathology, clinical pathology & blood banking, molecular pathology, and cytopathology.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Pathology Study: Our curriculum delves into the study of diseases, covering anatomical pathology, histopathology, clinical pathology & blood banking, molecular pathology, and cytopathology. Students gain a deep understanding of structural abnormalities caused by diseases.

Specific Course Objectives:

Routine Laboratory Analysis: Students learn to perform routine blood, urine, and semen analysis in a pathology laboratory.
Advanced Surgical Specimen Handling: Postgraduates gain hands-on experience, including grossing of surgical specimens, processing, cutting of paraffin and frozen sections, preparation of slides, and reporting under supervision.

Specimen Collection Skills:

Students acquire skills in collecting specimens through routine non-invasive outpatient procedures.

Autopsy and Organ Dissection:

The curriculum includes the performance of autopsies, organ dissection, and the description of gross findings.

Equipment Handling:

Students become proficient in handling and caring for laboratory equipment.

Diagnostic Proficiency:

Graduates can diagnose routine and complex clinical problems based on histopathology, cytopathology specimens, blood and bone marrow examinations, and various tests in Laboratory Medicine and Blood Banking (Transfusion Medicine).

Correlation of Clinical and Laboratory Data:

The curriculum emphasizes the interpretation and correlation of clinical and laboratory data to explain the clinical manifestations of diseases.

Problem-Solving in Diagnostics:

Graduates learn to analyze appropriate specimens and tests necessary to arrive at a diagnosis in challenging cases.

Teaching Skills:

Graduates are equipped to teach Pathology to undergraduates, postgraduates, nurses, paramedical staff, and laboratory personnel.

Research and Presentation:

The curriculum covers planning, executing, analyzing, and presenting research work.

Quality Control and Laboratory Management:

Graduates are trained to make and record observations systematically, maintain accurate records of tests and results, identify problems in the laboratory, rectify them, and maintain a high order of quality control.

Name of the Teaching Staff
Dr Shaista Choudary
Professor & HOD
Dr Sujatha R
Dr Anushree C N
Dr R Shubha Sangeetha
Dr Suba G
Associate Professor
Dr Lekha B
Associate Professor
Dr Deepthi S Punneshetty
Associate Professor
Dr Ravishankar Katkar
Assistant Professor
Dr Jofy George
Senior Resident
Dr Divya M
Senior Resident
Dr Faeeza Begum
Senior Resident
Dr Neetha R
Senior Resident
Dr Rufaida Shafiuddin
Senior Resident
Dr Pooja Gambhir Kakkar
Senior Resident
Dr Dhanalakshmi B
Senior Resident

Embark on a journey with the Department of Pathology, where understanding diseases becomes a dynamic and challenging exploration, preparing you for a meaningful career in pathology and laboratory medicine.

Message from our leadership team

Sri. Mahadev Prasad

Managing Trustee

Dr. Ramesh B R

Vice Principal (Medical College)

Sri. RadhaKrishna


Dr A. G. Mahendrakar

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Rani Sujatha

Medical Director

Dr. Muralimohan N.T


Dr. B S Ramesh

Principal (Medical College)

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